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The buzz around Apple at the moment is so loud it can be heard from the moon. New iPods, new iPhones, new Mac OS X updates. It seems that for the average reader, Apple could literally burp in their face and they'd still love it.

It's certainly the world's coolest brand. Just recently, Coolbrands announced the list of the top 500 coolest brands which was dominated by consumer tech companies. Apple had four entries in the top 23, with the iPod, iTunes, iPhone and Apple itself all up there in contention.

The biggest Apple story of the week came yesterday with the company invited and other UK tech journalists to a launch on Tuesday 18 September. Could it be the O2 announcement we've been expecting? Could it be Leopard-related? We'll know more next Tuesday.

More Apple news came in the form of a rumoured 3G iPhone announcement and also it's being speculated that Apple might be asking for half price TV show downloads.

Two console stories were also very popular this week. Microsoft's Dan Cornelius explained the reasons why it took so long to give the Xbox 360 a price cut in the UK. He said that a Christmas sales push was the main incentive.

Meanwhile the Sony PlayStation 3 looks like it's going to lose the Christmas console battle between the three big'uns. The Nintendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox 360 look like both comfortably outselling the PS3 over the holiday period.

Windows Vista is a lot like swiss cheese. That's according to the engineers of the new Nero 8 software.

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