Phone supercharger will power up a handset in 10 mins

Phone supercharger will juice up a handset in 10 mins
Quick recharge, courtesy of DoComo

Japanese phone company DoCoMo showed off some nifty new phone charging technology at CEATEC 2011, which can supercharge a mobile phone in minutes.

Called the 'ultra-rapid rechargeable battery', the technology is around ten times faster than a normal charger and this is because it uses a new connection to pipe a charge into the mobile phone.

When it comes to amps, this means the charging goes from 0.55amps to over 5.5amps.

Once the case is fully charged you can also use it as a battery booster for your mobile phone, much like a Mophie Juice Pack.


This technology is proprietary, so you would have to have a compatible mobile phone – the technology would apparently not work through a normal micro USB port because the power needed is much greater than what the port can offer.

Looks-wise, the device was nothing special but the technology inside is impressive.

super charger

The amount of people that keep their phones tethered at home and at work, due to the combination of battery technology being so poor and phone processing power taking up more juice than ever, is embarrassing and this super-swift charging mechanism could well be the key to sorting out the world's battery woes.


Unfortunately, DoCoMo could give us no real release date for the technology, so we may be in for a long wait for this one.

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