Netflix's handy speed test tool is now available for your mobile devices

Netflix's awesome internet speedometer tool is coming to your phone, launched by Netflix launched earlier this year to measure download speeds in just a few seconds, is ready to start the clock on mobile.

The Fast Speed Test app, available now on both iOS and Android, is as quick and easy to use as its desktop counterpart. Just hit the button, wait a few seconds, and then see if your resulting download speed is appropriate for heavy streaming - or you need to crank down the settings a bit.

We've made use of the non-mobile version in the past, such as troubleshooting our internet before a marathon of Daredevil or downloading the latest Overwatch patch, but now more devices can get in on the action to see if their broadband or mobile connection is up to snuff.

Fast pass

In addition to being a handy tool, Netflix hopes to use Fast to help pinpoint where internet service providers might be dropping the ball.

Since Fast uses Netflix's own servers to test connection speeds, the company can use this data rather than services that may optimize tests in their favor to give the illusion of having high internet speeds, The Verge notes.

If nothing else, Fast on mobile will come in handy for anyone reliant on a steady download speeds, be it for doing a little Netflix on the commute home or ensuring FaceTime won't lag during an important video call.

Parker Wilhelm
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