LG shows off Wi-Fi-friendly Ultra HD transmission tech

LG shows off Wi-Fi-friendly Ultra HD transmission tech
These ladies are keeping it pretty real

If you happen to have some Ultra HD resolution video or games on your phone, you're in luck: LG has developed the tech you need to transmit it to an Ultra HD TV without any wires and it's showing it off at MWC 2013.

The snappily named Wireless Ultra HD Transmission tech uses Wi-Fi to beam the 4K content between devices while reducing the amount of power used by your phone.

The tech works over Wi-Fi and promises minimal lag and no data loss. LG boasts that it delivers "flawless visuals" thanks to the fact that videos are automatically matched to the receiving TV set's screen resolution as you transmit them.

Power up

LG says it actually uses less than half the power of comparable tech by relying less on the phone's CPU - unfortunately the company hasn't exactly been illuminating on what picks up that slack but we hope to find out more on the show floor.

The company is pretty pleased with the new tech, though, with Dr Jong-seok Park, President and CEO of LG's mobile arm, exclaiming: "With the development of this cutting-edge technology, LG again confirms its industry leadership in the area of display and mobile convergence for a truly enjoyable viewing experience."

Yes, all that viewing we've been doing until now has been a real nightmare.

No word on when we'll see this next-gen tech make its way onto our smartphones (or smart TVs) but you'll likely need to invest in an LG phone and an LG TV to take advantage.

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