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LG plans to ship more 3G phones than Samsung

LG charges forward in China
LG charges forward in China

LG is set to ship more 3G mobile phones than Korean rivals Samsung, thanks in part to a new deal to supply a significant majority of China.

With over 600 millions mobile phone users in the emerging superpower nation, LG has won the exclusive rights to sell 3G phones for all of China's carriers, according to Telecoms Korea.

While most countries around the world have had a 3G infrastructure for years, China's is very much a nascent build with long battles over which standard being best to adopt.

Chinese domination

But according to the report, LG has won contracts to supply 3G phones in the area from the big networks, namely China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. Which are all in China, by the way.

It has also been guaranteed one third of all 3G phone production from one of the largest networks, China Telecom, which is a huge shot in the arm, and means LG is now looking at shipping 120 million phones in the next 12 months.

Such figures, if converted into sales, would mean LG would likely leapfrog Samsung in terms of 3G phones sold.

It will also help LG win much more market share in China, where it currently only has three per cent of the market, compared to Nokia's 32 per cent, Samsung's 28 per cent and Motorola's nine per cent.

Via Telecoms Korea