LG exec reveals new Android tablet plans, Optimus G2 global rollout

LG Optimus G
Unlike Optimus G, LG plans global G2 rollout

LG isn't about to take Samsung's current domination of Android lying down. In fact, the maker of the Optimus G Pro is laying out plans for new tablets and a synchronized worldwide rollout for the Optimus G2.

PhoneArena reported Tuesday that new details have been revealed for LG's product lineup, which includes plans for a return to Android tablets by year's end.

In an interview with Dutch website AllAboutPhone, LG Mobile Vice-President for Europe Wong Kim followed up news of a white Nexus 4 and its forthcoming tablet ambitions by announcing the company plans to roll out its next flagship handset everywhere at once.

Rumored to be powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor, the LG Optimus G2 is expected to skip the staggered rollout of its predecessor, the Optimus G, which wound up being released months apart in many regions.

Too soon for flexible

Kim also revealed LG plans to introduce a phone powered by something other than Android this year - presumably Firefox OS, since Mozilla lists the Korean manufacturer as one of its partners.

Unfortunately, 2013 isn't shaping up to be the year for bendable smartphones, such as the flexible five-inch Full HD OLED display the company showed off last week.

Kim claims "the technology for this is not yet mature enough," while the L9 chipset which powers existing LG televisions also appears to be off the table for mobile devices for now.

That may leave LG treading water for most of the year, but its European VP teased that the best is yet to come thanks to a bigger marketing push and new devices arriving before the calendar rolls over to 2014.

Via AllAboutPhone.nl

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