LG's unbreakable, flexible OLED panels reveal next generation of phone

LG's unbreakable, flexible OLED panels reveal next generation of phone
Should survive a nuclear winter
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LG will be showcasing prototypes of a new flexible and supposedly-indestructible OLED screen at the Society for Information Display's annual conference, which takes place this week.

The 5-inch flexible display is designed for mobile devices and will mark the very first time that the flexible OLED tech has been publicly shown. According to LG, the plastic creation will be unbreakable - can't argue with that.

Also on show will be 5.5-inch and 7-inch HD Oxide TFT panels. The 5.5-incher will have a 1.0mm bezel that will allow for borderless smartphones which emit less heat.

Bend it like LG

LG's 55-inch curved OLED television, which we'd previously heard about, will also be on display - as will a 23.8-inch Ultra HD panel for monitors and the first 7 inch FHD display for tablets with a pixel density that exceeds 300ppi.

Dr. Sang-Deok Yeo, CTO and executive vice president of LG Display, said in a press release: "Recent trends indicate that the small- and medium-sized display market is moving towards high resolution and low power consumption, and the large panel market to OLED and Ultra HD".

Flexible screens open up a whole range of design possibilities and LG isn't the only major manufacturer to enter into this market, with Samsung also venturing down the same avenue.