Latest benchmark indicates quad-core Nokia Lumia is on the way

Nokia Lumia 925
Nokia's quad-core phone may be a reality very soon

At this point, there hasn't been a quad-core Windows Phone 8 device available anywhere, but that may soon change.

A benchmark for an unnamed Nokia Windows smartphone appeared over the weekend on GFXBench, indicating the Finnish manufacturer may finally be stepping up its processor game.

After releasing the Lumia 925 not too long ago, the only hopes Windows Phone 8 fans had for a quad-core device laid in the hands of the rumored Nokia EOS.

While it's not clear if this benchmark is indeed the EOS, the timing of its appearance coincides rather nicely with Nokia's July 11 event, where it's believed the EOS will makes its presence known.

Adreno-line rush

There are few facts about this mysterious Nokia Windows phone, but the benchmarks do give us some idea of what Nokia is working on.

The screen will feature 720 x 1280 resolution, which goes a bit against what we've heard about the EOS, which is reportedly matching the Lumia 925's 768 x 1280 OLED screen.

Second, this new smartphone will use an Adreno 305 GPU, which can already be found inside the Lumia 620.

Even though the graphics processor might not be all that impressive in the 620, the quad-core processor gives the new Nokia some major improvements over the older device.

While the Lumia 620 is capable of generating 152 MTexels (textured pixels), the new quad-core phone pushes the count to more than four times that, with 702 MTexels.

That's a lot of graphics power, but not unreasonably so for a Windows phone supposedly launching with a 41MP camera.

Whatever Nokia has planned won't remain a secret for much longer, but at least now it could have a solid quad-core contender to hold its own against the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One.

  • Will the Nokia EOS sport a polycarbonate case, or will it follow in the aluminum shoes of the Lumia 925? The latest leaked images and diagram may give us a hint.

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