Is this our first look at the Galaxy S Edge and its multiple screens?

Samsung Galaxy S6
The Galaxy S6 Edge could be coming with two edges

A new image has been leaked that could give us the clearest idea yet of what Samsung has in store for its upcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S Edge smartphones.

The image was leaked to CNET Korea and apparently shows both handsets in and out of Verus-branded cases. Verus is a well known mobile accessory maker in South Korea, so if the image is legitimate it could be marketing material for the manufacturer.

The handset on the far left of the image is apparently the Samsung Galaxy S6, and according to this render there won't be many surprises with the final design, with a metallic frame similar to the Galaxy Note 4.

It also looks like the Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with a protruding camera, which could mean Galaxy S6 owners will be getting an improved snapper at the expense of being able to place the smartphone flat on its back on a table.

Double-edged sword

The render of the Samsung Galaxy S Edge is more interesting as it apparently confirms rumours that this handset will come with a screen that curves over two edges, rather than just one like the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

We're not entirely convinced these renders are accurate, so take all of this with a pinch of salt. Samsung has an event at this year's Mobile World Congress on March 1, so we should find out everything we need to know then.

Matt Hanson
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