iPhone 5 price: deals and tariffs compared

iPhone 5
Which iPhone 5 deal is for you?

Don't know where has the best iPhone 5 price or what's the best iPhone 5 deal for you? You're in the right place: this is TechRadar's ultimate guide to all the UK tariff information you need and we'll be updating it with more tariff information when we get it.

If you're not after the very latest handset, remember you can also still buy the iPhone 4 8GB for £319 and iPhone 4S 16GB for £449 from the Apple Store directly and from the networks on contract.

Apple's without contract iPhone 5 price is £529 for 16GB, £599 for 32GB and £699 for 64GB. As you probably know by now, it's available in both black and white.

Unless otherwise stated, these are all 24 month contract deals. All the networks will doubtless offer SIM packages for unlocked handsets bought from Apple (or elsewhere) but remember you'll need a new nanoSIM, you can't just use the microSIM from the iPhone 4 or 4S.


Orange and T-Mobile have announced their tariffs for the iPhone 5, but we're yet to see any information regarding their parent company's 4G EE plans - expect these to be announced closer to the time that the network goes online.

If you fancy getting in on the 4G action, EE will apparently make it easy for you to upgrade your iPhone 5 plan from Orange or T-Mobile without an additional charge - as long as you pick a tariff at an equivalent or higher price.


O2 has resolutely stuck with 1GB of data across the board, taking a different approach to everybody else. Quite why it has not decided to offer something a bit different is beyond us and is quite surprising considering the breadth of customers it has. Or perhaps O2 just wants high data usage customers to be picked up by Three?

Calls and texts are unlimited on all tariffs, which fall under O2's On & On brand.


The handset costs £250, £160, £100, £30 and free on the £26, £31, £36, £41 and £46 tariffs, respectively.


The 32GB handset costs £360, £270, £210, £140 and £90 on the £26, £31, £36, £41 and £46 tariffs, respectively.


If you want the 64GB iPhone 5 it will cost £450, £350, £270, £210 and £170 on the £26, £31, £36, £41 and £46 tariffs, respectively.


Because they're both the same company, we thought (long and hard, obviously) about putting Orange and T-Mobile as one company here. That's because the tariffs are similar in many ways. But there are still some definite differences, so we've separated them out. Orange is far more restrictive on data, for one thing.

Orange's The Works tariff gives you unlimited calls and texts, plus provides you with 1GB of data for £36 a month, 2GB for £41, 3GB for £46 and unlimited internet for £51.


Handset prices for are £110, £30, free and free with the £36, £41, £46 and £51 deals, respectively.


Prices are £220, £140, £90 and £40 with the £36, £41, £46 and £51 deals, respectively.


The biggest iPhone 5 prices are £270, £210, £180 and £130 with the £36, £41, £46 and £51 deals, respectively.


It's clear that the T-Mobile offering is better value than that of its sister company, Orange. The tariffs start at £36 per month, both offering unlimited texts, with T-Mobile's "Full Monty" giving you 2,000 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data.

You get unlimited everything with the £41, £46 and £61 deals. It's odd that the latter is £10 more than the high end tariff on Orange for some reason.


Handset prices are £109, £49, £29 and £19 with the £36, £41, £46 and £61 deals, respectively.


iPhone 5 phone prices are £219, £149, £99 and £29 with the £36, £41, £46 and £61 deals, respectively.


The biggest iPhone 5 prices are £269, £219, £189 and £139 with the £36, £41, £46 and £61 deals, respectively.

Tesco Mobile

The iPhone 5 is also coming to Tesco Mobile (remember that Tesco uses O2's network in the UK).Like O2, Tesco is also resolutely sticking to a 1GB data allowance. You also get 5000 texts on each.

There are three monthly tariff costs across the board - £25 (1500 minutes talk), £30 (500 minutes talk), and £45 (500 minutes talk).


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