Google phones coming next year

Google wants to create a custom made mobile phone that will mean using its applications, such as Google Maps, will be as easy as on a computer

Google is expected to reveal its mobile strategy within two weeks, according to reports this morning. It wants mobile manufacturers to start producing custom made handsets that run Google applications as smoothly as they do on computers.

Google wants to get a slice of the ever-expanding mobile phone market. It's timing couldn't be better - in the UK and other developed countries, the use of mobile data services is about to break through into the mass market. It's a lucrative market, ripe for advertising. And Google wants in.

Google preps Gphone platform

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has developed advanced versions of its key applications especially for mobile phones. The online search giant is expected to reveal its mobile concept within two weeks, according to the WSJ report. The aim is to have Google-powered phones, not necessarily a ' Google phone', on the market by mid-2008.

Google wants to make it easier for you to use its services - from Google search, Gmail, and Google Maps, to YouTube and Google Talk - on a mobile phone. It has reportedly been in talks with a number of US and European mobile operators and manufacturers about creating custom made handsets for Google apps.

Both HTC and LG are said to be interested in Google's plans, and partnerships with operators such as T-Mobile in the US, and Orange and 3 in Europe, may be on the way, the report said.