HTC weighs in on notorious battery life

Is HTC right about battery life, or are they disconnected from their user base?

HTC has recently taken to their corporate blog to weigh in on their cell phone battery life, and specifically that of the HTC One X. The short version: We're working on it.

But the answer isn't just a future of phone's with bigger batteries, wrote John Starkweather, WW Director of Digital Marketing. Instead HTC has been taking a holistic approach, advancing the software as well as plugging bigger batteries into their phones when possible.

These advances in software power management have already yielded some impressive results.

When compared to the HTC Sensation, the HTC One had a 147% increase in talk time, 105% increase in MP3 playback, 39% increase in video playback, and 23% increase in web browsing time.

HTC One X graph

Of course, battery size did play a part, and possibly a major one. The HTC Sensation had a 1520 mAh Lithium Ion battery, and the HTC One X had a Lithium Pro 1800 mAh battery. Still, the yields are significant.

HTC then goes on to post a few graphs from AnandTech, whose independent third-party benchmarking put a number of HTC phones high on the list of best 3G battery life.

Starkweather rounds off his blog post with a few reviewers who seem to have not experienced the same issues with the notoriously weak HTC One X battery.

While we're fond of the advances and care HTC has put into their phones, the whole post reads a bit like a denial that the documented battery problems exist. Either way, it's worth a read if you're an HTC owner who is having those non-existent battery problems and they're welcoming opinions in their comment section.

So what do you think? Is HTC taking battery concerns seriously or just trying to spin it off as a bunch of noise?

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