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HTC: no update coming to improve One X battery

HTC: no update coming to improve One X battery
HTC seemingly satisfied with One X battery

HTC has told TechRadar at a recent event that there will be no specific updates coming for the HTC One X to improve battery life.

Reports from the modding community have claimed a misplaced file had resulted in a much-improved battery life on the One X, which had been criticised across the board for its power management.

However, HTC confirmed: "there will be no specific update relating to power management on the HTC One X."

The brand also confirmed it has spoken to the original poster of the power mis-management claim, and found he had never claimed the 20% improvement that has been reported.

The problem reported – that a Tegra 3 power management app wasn't correctly working – is also something of a misnomer, according to the brand; apparently this isn't even turned on by default, so wouldn't be picked up by the average user.

Updates are still available

But it's not all bad news for the user – the 1.28.401.9 update is on its way and landing on multiple devices just a couple of weeks after launch, and there are some fixes in there to get excited about.

Auto-brightness is lowered to make the screen more efficient, the benchmarking scores are up and general glitches have been sorted too.

But it seems the Tegra 3-powered One X can't do much to change the fact it's a power-sucking device – that high pixel count needs the power to push it, and if you want to use your phone as HTC intended it may make sense to keep a charger handy for the foreseeable future.