HTC 10 Android Nougat update coming later this year

HTC 10

Following the launch of Android 7 Nougat this week, HTC has told us it'll be updating its two most recent flagship phones to the new Android software by the end of 2016.

HTC has confirmed it will be updating the HTC 10 and One M9, along with the One A9, from October onwards.

A spokesperson for HTC told TechRadar: "We're excited to receive final shipping Android 7.0 Nougat software from Google.

"We expect the update to begin rolling out to the unlocked HTC 10 in Q4, followed by unlocked HTC One M9, unlocked HTC One A9, and carrier versions of these devices."

Missed the date

It's worth noting that HTC set itself a 90-day deadline to get Android 6 Marshmallow software onto its flagship devices after the software launched last year, but eventually missed its own cut-off date.

So it's possible that the company could miss its deadline this year, and push the upgrade back to 2017.

HTC has yet to confirm whether the HTC One M8 will be getting the upgrade to Android 7 Nougat, but considering that phone is two years old there may be no update in the works.

It's also currently unclear which HTC Desire devices will see the upgrade to the latest software. We've asked HTC for more details on when other phones will be getting the upgrade, and we'll be sure to update you when we hear more.

James Peckham

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