Samsung prepping twist-screen game phone

This patent illustration suggests that Samsung is planning a gaming mobile

Looks like Samsung is developing an innovative new gaming phone – a recent patent application shows off a new twist-screen design incorporated into a standard clamshell handset.

The Samsung mobile features a screen which is separate from the actual shell of the phone and can be twisted into becoming a gaming-style joypad. The screen swivels out and clips into place using a hinge, reports.

Gaming joypad

After that you hold the handset horizontally, as you would with a Sony PSP. Clipping the screen into place automatically reveals joypad buttons on the handset. Presumably this means that an accelerometer is featured, automatically tilting the screen from portrait mode to landscape.

To get even more out of your gaming experience, you can also add a second speaker behind the twisting screen for better audio effects.

This dedicated Samsung gaming phone sounds a very interesting concept, especially since a Sony PSP-style mobile phone could also be on the way.