The new 'Snowden Phone' is a locked-down Samsung Galaxy S2

FreedomPop privacy phone
A Blackphone rival that can be bought with Bitcoins

Anonymous internet goers who are willing to downgrade their smartphone in order to upgrade their privacy may be interested in the newish-Android from FreedomPop.

FreedomPop's Privacy Phone, appropriately nicknamed the "Snowden Phone," is actually a Samsung Galaxy S2 but one that comes with locked-down voice, text and data features.

It transmits all calls and text messages through 128-bit encryption and keeps users anonymous when browsing the internet.

Virus and phishing protection aren't a problem with this phone and neither is keeping all of your contacts and call history confidential, according to FreedomPop.

In light of the Prism government spying program, the internet service provider claims these features help "protect your privacy from hackers, government agencies and spyware."

FreedomPop Privacy Phone vs Blackphone

The FreedomPop Privacy Phone isn't actually the first Android designed for privacy-concerned individuals. That distinction belongs to Blackphone, which we went hands on with at MWC 2014.

However, while the anti-NSA Blackphone has superior specs, it's $629. The Boeing Black is another option, but a price hasn't been announced yet.

FreedomPop is currently taking orders for its privacy-defending Galaxy S2 for the price of just $189, and it comes with three months of free unlimited voice and texts and 500MB of data.

Best of all, it can be bought with Bitcoins. If you still have any.

Matt Swider