Flipboard folds in Instagram videos, but Vine left hanging

Flipboard folds in Instagram videos, but Vine left hanging
Instagram video arrives within Flipboard

The socially-themed digital magazine app Flipboard has issued users with an update that enables Instagram's new video feature.

The update to the iOS and Android versions of the app doesn't mention the Instagram update specifically, but videos are now playing within the relevant sections of the app.

Flipboard is yet to integrate Twitter's Vine as a standalone app, although those six-second clips do appear within the Twitter section of the app as tweets.

Flipboard does offer access to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Flickr, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Google+, so it is surprising that it hasn't taken the opportunity to add Vine to the equation.

Craze over already?

One thing we noticed when breezing through the Instagram section within Flipboard was it took us a while to actually find a video to test out.

The amount of videos posted seems to have decreased quite steadily since the feature launched on June 21. Are you bored of the feature? Does it annoy you seeing the videos within your feed?

Let us know in the comments sections below. In the meantime check out our first impressions of Video on Instagram.

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