First BlackBerry 10 handset might land on Febuary 28

Leak suggests first BlackBerry 10 handset will land on Feb. 28
RIM's BB10 launch has been a long time coming

RIM's first BB10 handsets will be revealed at a launch event on January 30, but until now there have been few hints as to when they'll actually go on sale.

Purported inventory documents, leaked from Best Buy in Canada, now suggest that at least one handset toting the new OS will be up for grabs from February 28 - a month after the launch event.

The document relates to a BlackBerry 10 device on the Canadian Bell network, which gives away the street date of February 28.

Although the leak represents only one network, in one country, there's little reason to believe that RIM would stagger launches around the world, especially given the global nature of the launch event and the time the company has taken to complete work on BlackBerry 10.


When asked for comment, a RIM representative said: "We will launch the platform on January 30 and until then we won't comment on speculation."

RIM had previously confirmed that the first two devices, believed to be a Bold-alike device with a QWERTY keyboard and an all-touchscreen affair, will be announced at simultaneous events around the globe.

A total of six BB10 handsets are expected to launch this year, covering all price points.

Are you an enduring BlackBerry fan bristling with excitement over the eventual arrival of BB10? Or did you get bored of waiting and move on to iOS or Android pastures? Let us know in the comments section below.


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