BlackBerry 10 devices to cover all price points, RIM exec claims

BlackBerry 10
RIM will have BlackBerry 10 devices to fit every budget - eventually

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The long awaited debut of handsets running BlackBerry 10 OS is just three weeks away, and Research in Motion claims the company will leave no stone unturned when it comes to pricing.

PhoneArena reported Tuesday that BlackBerry maker Research in Motion plans to cover the entire spectrum of consumers' wallets with its latest wave of devices - including low, middle and high price tags.

RIM Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben was on hand at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week talking up the company's new BlackBerry 10 devices, which RIM will introduce on January 30.

BlackBerry lovers may have to be patient, however: Out of the gate, RIM is expected to only debut two new models, with others to come in the months ahead.

No exclusives

The new models are rumored to be the previously leaked BlackBerry Z10, a full touchscreen handset, and BlackBerry X10, which features RIM's popular - and more traditional - QWERTY keyboard.

"We intend over time as we transition the portfolio to have a full range of devices," the RIM CMO told PhoneArena at CES 2013.

Boulben claims RIM will introduce at least six BlackBerry 10 models in 2013 which are currently being tested around the world by 150 carriers, none of whom will have an exclusive on the handsets in any region.

Via PhoneArena