Don't update your HTC One M9 unless you want to kill the battery

HTC One M9

There are reports that the latest software update for the HTC One M9 (version 1.40.401.8) is causing some handsets to take ridiculously long times to charge.

A number of users have reported that their devices are taking up to 13 hours to fully charge the battery. A screenshot has also appeared online showing a HTC One M9 saying, in Italian, "Charging - 13 hours until complete".

We've got a HTC One M9 handset with the latest update and can confirm that it does take a very long time to recharge, though we haven't timed it to see if it's quite as bad as 13 hours.

There is a fix

It looks like HTC is aware of the problem, as it has been instructing frustrated M9 owners on its UK Twitter account on how to temporarily fix the problem.

In one reply, the account states "can you please uninstall the Google Photos App. This should be a temporary fix for the charging issue".

Another owner contacted the account to complain that deleting the Google Photos App and wiping the cache did not help. In this case HTC recommend restarting the phone by pressing and holding the Power and Volume Up keys for 15 to 30 seconds before charging.

We've contacted HTC to see what else can be done to fix the problem, and how long we'll have to wait for an official permanent fix.

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