Details of iPhone 6S Force Touch leak

iPhone 6

So far, it seems inevitable that Apple's Force Touch tech will end up in the iPhone 6S with the amount of rumors and leaks we've seen these past few months.

Of course, while we know how Force Touch works with the Apple Watch and the new Macbook, we might finally have some more details on how it will run on the iPhone.

A report from 9to5Mac claims that sources who have used the iPhone 6S say that Force Touch will provide shortcuts to actions depending on which app you are using.

For example, similar to the Apple Watch, using Force Touch will bring up a menu in some instances, but it won't take up the entire screen, acting more like a pop-up menu.

Using the Force

The sources also broke down some examples of Force Touch on the iPhone 6S, including when using Maps, where you'll be able to use Force Touch to skip directly to turn-by-turn navigation.

In the Music app, on the other hand, using Force Touch will bring up a small menu through which you'll be able to add the song to a playlist or save it for offline music.

The report also claims that Force Touch will also let you skip or forward through music and videos depending on how hard you press the screen as well, making it clear that the tech will likely be used as a means to get rid of the need to press through a number of steps or buttons for certain actions.

Of course, all of this is as yet unconfirmed, and we'll really need to wait until Apple finally reveals its latest handsets, which might be happening in a month's time on September 9.

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