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Check out World of Warcraft on your iPhone

Vollee's World of Warcraft service on an iPhone
Vollee's World of Warcraft service on an iPhone

A video on YouTube has shown World of Warcraft playing as an iPhone application, with the poster claiming that the App is proof of a new streaming technology that will let full PC games appear on a mobile.

While some are stating that the video is a hoax, it would have to be a pretty elaborate hoax as the screen is re-optimised for the iPhone.

It's been developed by using the Vollee client, which is designed to allow heavy running games over a 3G connection.

Partnership announced

The same company has announced a partnership with Activision / Blizzard, giving it access to the WoW game, as well as previously stating it would support the iPhone in the near future last year... so are we now in the future?

The video shows the ability to scroll through characters by swiping the screen, as well as a virtual D-pad for movement, or by flicking forward and backwards to make the sprite jog around. Pinching and zooming is also supported, allowing the player to view the world in more detail.

As ever, and especially with the iPhone and any rumours around it, we'll wait and see if this ever comes to fruition. But the notion of combining one of the most successful MMOs with one of the most popular phones means we may start seeing many people just deciding not to get off public transport at their stop as they have their noses buried in an iPhone.

TechRadar has contacted Blizzard for further comment on this story.

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