BlackBerry Z30, aka A10, reportedly appears in leaked photos and videos

BlackBerry Z30 - aka A10 - reportedly shows up in leaked photos and videos
From A(10)-Z(30)

It was a busy few days for the forthcoming BlackBerry phone formerly known as A10, Aristo and A-Series: It seemingly has an official name and it popped-up in tutorial videos and retail shots.

CrackBerry, the de facto bible for remaining BB worshippers, reckons the device will arrive later this year under the monicker Z30, following on from the touchscreen BlackBerry Z10 handset launched in January.

The site also obtained what appears to be a series of tutorial videos for the next flagship BlackBerry handset, which explain some basic UI features and, rather boringly, how to insert the SIM card.

And finally, to complete the proceedings, the Z30 appeared in retail demo images as part of a purported leaked build of the BlackBerry 10.

Playing for third?

The BlackBerry Z30, if that turns out to be the real name, is expected to join the 5-inch club as the largest BlackBerry handset on record.

Alongside the 720p screen, recent leaks have suggested a 1.7GHz dual-core processor could be on board, as well as a quad-core GPU to potentially enhance gaming experiences on the device.

Will all this, plus a tweaked version of the BB10 OS be enough to help BlackBerry mount its now-or-never challenge to iOS and Android? Or even reel in Windows Phone 8 in the battle for the final spot on the podium?

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