AT&T announces new data plans

AT&T announces new data plans
The Nokia 900 on AT&T will be one of the first new phones to see the new data plans

AT&T has revealed its new, costlier data plans for smartphone customers, which aim to give users a little more wiggle room for their monthly tariff.

The carrier says that increased mobile broadband usage has led it to rethink its data plan offerings, which give users slightly more value for money, while still raising prices.

The new plans come into effect for new customers on Sunday, while existing customers can transfer over if they wish. Those on older and indeed better plans will be able to stick to their guns.

More data for your dollars

For $20 a month you can buy 300MB of data, while the AT&T Data Pro package 3GB costs $30.

If you want to go AT&T Data Pro 5GB then that'll add a whopping $50 a month to your monthly premium, although that does include wireless hotspot and data tethering access.

Previously the packages offered 200MB for $20, 2GB for £25 and 4GB for $25. Basically, in the case of the larger plans, it's an extra gig for an extra five bucks a month.

'Use more Wi-Fi, idiots'

AT&T is also continuing an initiative to give customers more support in managing their data by encouraging Wi-Fi use and talking-up free access to 29,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots in the US.

The company also sends regular usage alerts to customers to help ensure that you don't go over your limit.


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