Apple, Samsung throw additional devices into patent Thunderdome

Judge's gavel
A little lenient are we, judge?

Rather than spark new lawsuits down the road between Apple and Samsung, a U.S. patent judge has ruled the two companies are permitted to toss additional gadgets onto the fire burning between them in court.

SlashGear reported Thursday that U.S. District Court Judge Paul Grewal has once again allowed Apple and Samsung to introduce more devices into their ongoing patent spat.

Grewal ruled that denying additional products to be included would simply lead to new lawsuits further down the line, in keeping with an earlier decision in November.

While the two companies remain publicly mum on the latest ruling, Samsung has added a single new device, while Apple is proving the more aggressive of the two by introducing five new products to the proceedings.

Five to one

Among Apple's newly-added devices is the Android 4.1 version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII along with the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, Rugby Pro and the Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab 8.9.

By comparison, Samsung showed a bit of restraint by adding only the iPhone 5 - hardly surprising, given the sheer volume of devices the Korean manufacturer produces compared to Apple.

The next round of Apple vs Samsung won't go to trial until March, 2014, which gives each company plenty of time to add even more devices to the legal mix before everything is said and done.

Via SlashGear