Apple's upcoming iPhone could push the limits of your little thumbs

iPhone Pro

Thought the iPhone 6S Plus was big? Prepare your thumbs: Apple might be working on an even larger smartphone that would further blur the line between its iPhone and iPad.

The Cupertino company plans to release a 5.8-inch iPhone as early as the end of next year, possibly in time for its annual autumn event, according to the DigiTimes.

Though the rumored size increase is big news, what is perhaps more interesting about the potential leak is that this bigger-than-Plus sized iPhone could be the first one to feature an AMOLED display. The same report puts Samsung as the top choice for supplying the AMOLED panels for the 5.8-inch iPhone.

If true, this would be very good news for iPhone loyalists. DisplayMate recently crowned the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for having the best smartphone screens out there, and the same honor was bestowed upon the Galaxy Note 5 before that.

It's not that iPhone screens are bad. Far from it. But, as Samsung's latest screens took home the gold based on their color accuracy, contrast ratio, and the efficiency and effectiveness of its auto-brightness mode, Apple users should be smitten to get a little Samsung in their next iPhone.

But is 5.8-inches too big?

My day-to-day phone is the iPhone 5S. I don't have the largest hands, so the 4-inch device feels heavenly in my grip and almost all of the phone's screen real estate is within my reach. That's why I'm particularly excited for the Apple's speculated return to the 4-inch with the iPhone SE.

That said, I've considered investing in an iPhone 6S, mostly to be up on the times. But, the increased size is the one thing that always stands in my way. Following the introduction of the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, a user on Reddit posted the following image.

iPhone Pro

Check out how one-handed operability has changed with each iPhone

Taking the color-coded image into consideration, the iPhone Pro, or whatever the purported 5.8-inch device might be known as, will be off the charts and essentially unusable with just one hand. But, as this is the only rumor pointing to this phone's possible existence, we're skeptical that it's true. You and your thumbs can rest easy...for now.

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