Apple's new upgrade program lets you get a new iPhone every year

Apple Upgrade program

Apple is introducing a whole new way to get an iPhone.

The iPhone Upgrade Program will let users walk into an Apple Retail Store and walk out with a new iPhone once a year. According to Apple, customers can choose which carrier they want for their unlocked device, and the program includes AppleCare+ coverage.

The program is only available at US Apple Stores, and pricing starts at $32/month for 24 months.

iPhone upgrade program

The details

Of course, the iPhone Upgrade Program isn't as breezy as Apple would have it seem. You need to pay 12 monthly installments before you can upgrade to a new iPhone and starting a new batch of installments.

A 16GB iPhone 6S will cost $32.41/month, a 64GB runs $36.58/month and a 128GB iPhone 6S costs $40.75/month. For the iPhone 6S Plus, a 16GB model costs $36.58/month, a 64GB is $40.75/month, and a 128GB version costs $44.91/month.

Apple earlier announced the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, and the program includes the new iPhones. In fact, users can start making iPhone 6S reservations through the Upgrade Program at 12:01am Saturday, September 12. The phones go on sale September 25.

The program is a smart move by Apple as the company releases new iPhones every year, yet consumers tend to upgrade every two years or even longer. Now, they can upgrade to keep pace with Apple's latest iPhone iterations, all while getting an unlocked phone in the process.

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