Android film rentals now available in the UK

Android film rentals now available in the UK
Android: Blockbuster for the 21st Century

Google's film rental service for Android has made its way to the UK, with Brits now able to borrow films from the Android Market.

Over 1,000 movies are available to rent in the Video app with prices starting from £2.49 a pop. New titles like Hanna are available alongside older movies including Monty Python's The Meaning of Life and that 2008 classic Vampire in Vegas.

When you rent a film, you can watch it any time within 30 days of purchase, with 48 hours to play with once you've hit play.

Android: The Movie

The service has been up and running in the US for some time now, but Google has been making a concerted effort to bring its media products over to the UK of late; Google Books has finally launched on our fair shores, and Music By Google is unlikely to be far behind.

You can also rent movies from Google-owned YouTube in the UK, a service that is also compatible with Android handsets and Google TV – it's not yet clear if the two services' film libraries are the same.

One company that will be pleased to see Google's film offerings proliferating across more devices is Miramax, which recently said it is hoping to work closely with Google for digital distribution.

Other options for the mobile film viewing public include Facebook, where you can rent Warner Bros and Miramax movies for a small fee, while iOS users can turn to the LoveFilm iPad app to stream films from the web.

Via Daily Telegraph

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