Amazon Prime Now brings one-hour deliveries to London

Amazon Prime

Amazon wants to decrease the wait between you buying items and them appearing in your hands – it's even working on a drone delivery service to make it faster – but now some UK Prime customers can receive their purchase within an hour.

Prime Now has launched in certain London postcodes offering 60 minute delivery between the hours of 8am and midnight with over 10,000 items up for sale including games consoles as well as daily essentials like coffee and nappies.

Even if you live in London it's quite unlikely the service will be at your address yet though – at the moment it's only for the real central areas in London. You can check whether your postcode is covered here.

I want it now

Amazon hopes to launch the service in the remainder of London and other UK cities by the time the year is out.

Prime members can download the app now and if you want it in the hour window you'll need to pay £6.99 or you can opt for a specific two hour window for free.

It takes quite a lot of effort to be able to get an item out to you within an hour so don't go expecting Prime Now to launch across the country by the end of the year – it's still only really possible in major cities.

James Peckham

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