Aardman creates world's smallest stop-motion movie

Dot - it's a small world
Dot - it's a small world

UK animators Aardman have successfully managed to create the world's smallest stop-motion animation using a Nokia N8 smartphone.

The animation features an 0.35-inch model fittingly named Dot who has to flee a world made of fabric which is being unstitched.

The animation was filmed through a CellScope - microscope for mobile phones - which was attached to the N8 and its 12MP camera.

The models used were so small that they had to be created using a 3D printer, then hand painted through a microscope.

Viral magic

According to popsci.com, the directors of the film were Ed Patterson and Will Studd and the whole thing was created as a viral to promote the Nokia N8.

While we are not ones to big up promotional campaigns too often, Nokia has certainly stumbled on to something special here.

Given the size of the models used the short film is a remarkable feat and one which has got Aardman into the Guinness Book of Records.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seemed to have stopped the Nokia N8 from being delayed once more. The smartphone was pencilled in for a 23 September UK release date, but this has seemingly been pushed back due to the amount of "preorders exceeding expectations".

Expect to see the Nokia N8 in shops mid-October instead. The delay, according to Nokia (and reported by Cnet) will "ensure a great user experience".

Whatever that means.

To cheer you up about the delay, check out the Dot video below.

There is also an interesting making of to take a gander at.

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