'Tis the Moto season as Droid Ultra slips into red, X gets a possible release date

Droid Ultra in red
'Handset in red...'

Forget the dog days of summer - the season looks like it's only due to get hotter on the hardware front as the weeks wear on.

Verizon has an event scheduled on Tuesday where its plans to "unveil the next generation of one of its most popular family of devices." The carrier is actually hosting both a New York event and a San Francisco shindig to announce the products, so we're likely in for some significant news.

Most of the whispers floating about indicate Big Red plans to unveil not one but three handsets next week, known thus far as the Droid Maxx, Droid Mini and Droid Ultra.

Taking a cue from its supposed carrier's nickname, the Droid Ultra leaked in red this week, as you can see in the image above. Can you say, "Muy caliente?"

Moto in motion

According to The Unlockr, which got the rojo image from @evleaks, we're not only in for a red Ultra, we will see it plus the Maxx and Mini in black, as previous leaks have indicated.

The Ultra and Mini are also apparently due in white as well, so the family will have a very Jack-and-Meg color scheme going on.

While Motorola will no doubt keenly watch the reaction to the new Droids if and when the phones are announced, it will perhaps be keeping an even more watchful eye on the American market come August.

It's then that the Moto X, Motorola's customizable, built-in-the-U.S.A. phone, will go on sale, according to an internal U.S. Cellular memo picked up by Android Central.

Moto X memo

Credit: Android Central

Launch materials are due at the carrier's stores Aug. 25, with the phone going on sale Aug. 26. "Wave 1, 2, & 3" reportedly refer to prioritizing U.S. Cellular's LTE markets first, followed by non-LTE markets.

Now, generally speaking U.S. Cellular announces flagship device-related information available a few weeks after the big four carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile), so it may be that the Moto X is due on those first before hitting the smaller guys.

It is worth noting that if the memo is the real deal, the Moto X won't be a carrier exclusive and won't be limited to the list of dominant names.

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