Paramount Plus launches in Australia this week – here's what you need to know

Paramount Plus
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Paramount Plus is gearing up to launch in Australia this week, and we know what you're thinking – do we really need another streaming service to pay for? 

While that question will certain bring a variety of answers depending on who is reading it, we can say that Paramount Plus will offer a good selection of content at a very reasonable price, which are really the two most important things to consider when it comes to streaming services.

Much like how it replaced CBS All Access in the US, the Aussie version of Paramount Plus is set to replace the existing 10 All Access streaming service and has already made steps to expand on its predecessor – particularly when it comes to sports coverage. Here's what you need to know about Paramount Plus in Australia.

Paramount Plus: release date and pricing

In Australia, the 10 All Access streaming service will become the newly rebranded Paramount Plus service on Wednesday, August 11, 2021. Existing 10 All Access users will not have to do anything – subscribers will be carried over and the app will automatically update itself into Paramount Plus.

While a cheaper, ad-supported version is offered in the US, the Australian version of Paramount Plus will carry a flat fee of AU$8.99 per month. In the US, a standard plan gets you three concurrent streams at resolutions up 4K (depending on content), however, it has yet to be confirmed whether this will be the case Down Under.

That makes Paramount Plus cheaper than the majority of Australia's major streaming services, such as Netflix (from AU$10.99 per month), Stan (from AU$10 per month), Disney Plus (AU$11.99 per month) and Binge (from AU$10 per month). That said, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV Plus are still more affordable at AU$6.99 per month and AU$7.99 per month, respectively.

Paramount Plus content: TV shows

In terms of TV content, it's expected that Paramount Plus will receive much of the current 10 All Access lineup, along with a number of Paramount Plus originals and exclusives.

As Paramount Plus is owned by ViacomCBS, the service will likely become the Australian streaming home of many of its parent company's subsidiaries, including Nickelodeon, Showtime, Comedy Central and MTV.

Originals include The Offer, The Game, The Real Criminal Minds, Lioness, MTV’s Behind the Music and Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years, along with the upcoming Yellowstone spin-off Y:1883 and other Taylor Sheridan-led shows, such as Land Man and Mayor of Kingstown, which is set to star Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye).

Subscribers can also look forward to a number of high-profile shows in 2022, including the hugely anticipated live-action Halo series, new Avatar: The Last Airbender films and TV shows, and revivals of classics like Frasier and Beavis and Butt-Head. The new Dexter series is also confirmed for launch on Paramount Plus this year.

Paramount Plus content: movies

In the US, Paramount Plus subscribers will receive new movie releases after a 30-45 day theatrical launch window, with a plan to release a new movie per week in 2022. However, it's unclear whether the Australian version of the service follow suit.

That said, Paramount Plus has confirmed that Aussies will get streaming access to a large selection of major film IPs, such as The Godfather, Mission: Impossible, Indiana Jones, Transformers, Lord of the Rings, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Harry Potter, Jackass, Austin Powers and more.

Paramount Plus

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Paramount Plus content: sports and live news

One major upgrade that Paramount Plus will offer over its 10 All Access predecessor is the inclusion of sports coverage. 

As reported by Sporting News Australia, ViacomCBS has secured the broadcast and streaming rights to A-League, W-League and FFA Cup, along with select Socceroos and Matildas matches, which will move over from Fox Sports after 16 years of exclusivity.

The site states that while some games will be broadcast for free on Network Ten, all of them will be available to stream live and on demand via Paramount Plus.

That's more or less everything we know about the arrival in of Paramount Plus in Australia at this stage, but stay tuned for an in depth review of the service shortly after its launch on August 11.

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