Oppo Find X3 launch date confirmed - but something might be missing from the event

Oppo Find X3
Oppo Find X3 (Image credit: Oppo)

After some anticipation, we've finally got confirmation of the Oppo Find X3 launch date - we're going to see the next generation of flagship Oppo phones unveiled on March 11.

This event is set to stream on the company's YouTube channel - a page is already live - and it will kick off at 3:30am PT / 6:30am ET / 11:30am GMT / 10:30pm ACT. That's pretty early in some regions, but since Oppo doesn't sell smartphones in the US, it makes sense.

TechRadar will be sure to cover the launch event and everything it brings, so check back at the allotted time for that. But what will the event bring? We don't know for certain, but Oppo's announcement does hint towards something rumors have already pointed at...

There is no Oppo Find X3

We're not accusing Oppo's next flagship smartphone line of being vapor, but some leaks have suggested that there won't be a phone just called the 'Oppo Find X3', instead suggesting there will be a Find X3 Pro, Find X3 Neo and Find X3 Lite. The Find X2 series had those three phones as well as a 'standard' model.

In its announcement of the 'Find X3 Series launch event', as Oppo calls it, the company refers to the 'high-end, billion colour flagship smartphone, the OPPO Find X3 Pro'. Usually when a company refers to its new smartphone line, it does so through the titular device, which would in this case be the Find X3. The reference to the Find X3 Pro instead is curious.

In fact, the majority of the announcement alludes to new Oppo Find X3 Pro features and specs - the only details confirmed are ones we already knew, like the use of the Snapdragon 888 chipset and new Full-path Color Management display system, which lets the screen be more color accurate.

Of course, the lack of a 'vanilla' Oppo Find X3 being mentioned isn't an explicit confirmation that such a phone isn't coming, but when considered alongside the rumors we've already mentioned, it's as close to definite as we can get until the company actually says so.

We've also heard that it's possible the Find X3 will come out later than its siblings, and only be released in certain Asian countries, like India.

So we'll be sure to tune into the Oppo Find X3 series launch on March 11 to see for sure what's coming, and closer to the event you'll see more coverage from us on the phones.

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