OneDrive automatic folder protection rolls out to all Windows 10 users

OneDrive folder protection

OneDrive is getting a small update to help ensure your most important files are backed up.

Known Folder Move, which is basically a ridiculous name Microsoft came up for folder protection, gives users the option to automatically sync their desktop, pictures and document folders. If you use multiple Windows 10 PCs, this feature will also keep those folders synced across your multiple machines.

Although this feature has been available to business users since June 2018, it’s only now being rolled out to all OneDrive users on Windows 10, according to a Microsoft spokesperson that spoke to The Verge.

By our own account, though, the feature seems to have been available for over a year now and it seems to have simply gotten a new, simpler user interface.

Whether the feature is completely new or not, it’s an easy way of syncing your most important folders and files.

How to set it up

Users can enable Known Folder Move by diving into their OneDrive settings and navigating to the Auto Save tab to select which folders they want to protect.

Bear in mind, OneDrive won’t save files over 20GB in size, so some very large files may not be backed up. OneDrive also won’t  accept Outlook database files (.pst) and OneNote files (.one, .onepkg, .onetoc, .onetoc2).

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