New Star Trek: Discovery season 4 trailer promises Ferengi and galactic peril

Captain Burnham on the deck of the USS Discovery.
(Image credit: CBS)

Star Trek: Discovery season 4 lands on Paramount Plus in the US on November 18 (with a simultaneous Netflix release internationally), and now the streamer has released an effects-packed new trailer for the upcoming series.

In season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery, the crew of the titular vessel is facing off against a deadly space anomaly this time, rather than a specific villain. It's an event that threatens both Federation and non-Federation worlds, according to Paramount Plus, and sounds like an interesting way to escalate the stakes of a show that's always going bigger and bigger.

The trailer shows the Discovery crew about to head into the anomaly – with Captain Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) shrugging off orders, as usual.

"Leadership is about balance," Burnham is told. "Your acts of bravery are huge swings of the pendulum. There is a very fine line between a pendulum and a wrecking ball." That sums up much of Burnham's journey in the show to date. 

We also spot a redesigned Ferengi in the trailer, as well as the return of Kovich, played by phenomenal filmmaker David Cronenberg (A History of Violence, The Fly). 

Check the trailer out below:

Episodes will roll out weekly, as is always the case with the Trek shows on Paramount Plus. 

When are all the new Trek series arriving?

Star Trek: Discovery rolls out on Paramount Plus on November 18, but it's not going to be alone – the animated series Star Trek: Prodigy, featuring the return of Kate Mulgrew as Janeway, kicks off before that on October 28. That show very much looks like the Star Trek universe version of Star Wars CG animated series like The Clone Wars.

Star Trek: Picard season 2 is landing in February 2022, which shouldn't be too long after Discovery ends. A third season is filming back-to-back with the second, and is expected in 2023 – hopefully that'll allow for a more consistent show about the character of Jean-Luc, after a slightly bumpy finale in season 1.

Meanwhile, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is a Discovery spin-off that's promised to be like old Trek in feel – that one has no release date yet, but we'd expect it to follow Picard in the middle of next year. Filming on that ended in July, for the most part. 

Finally, the animated series Lower Decks is coming back for a third season at some point, after airing its second this year. 

The strategy is clear, for Paramount Plus: if you're a Trek fan, you'll always want to stay subscribed to this service. 

If you live outside the US, following Trek is a more scattered affair. Picard lives on Prime Video in the UK, while Discovery streams on Netflix, and Prodigy is set to release on Paramount Plus UK in 2022 – not quite as convenient, but it does mean you can enjoy several big hitters without an additional subscription.

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