New Fossil Hybrid HR brings a heart rate sensor to a classic watch design

(Image credit: Fossil)

Fossil has just updated its hybrid watch range with the announcement of the Fossil Hybrid HR – an analog watch which packs in a huge number of smart features.

Like all hybrids this has mechanical hands, leaving it looking a lot like a conventional watch. But it also has a circular always-on display under those hands, which can show a variety of information, such as the weather, your step count, the date, and call and text previews.

One big addition here though – given away by the name – is a heart rate monitor, making the Fossil Hybrid HR a much better exercise partner than previous hybrid watches from Fossil, such as the Fossil Q Commuter.

Feature-packed and full of life

The Fossil Hybrid HR can track lots of health and fitness data, including active minutes, calories, workouts, and sleep. As the device is water-resistant to 3ATM you can also take it swimming.

Other features include music controls, a stopwatch and timer, a front light so you can see the face in the dark, and the ability to have it ring your phone. So while the Fossil Hybrid HR isn’t quite a full smartwatch like the Fossil Gen 5, it sounds like it comes quite close.

Plus, unlike most full smartwatches this thing will apparently last for two weeks or more on a single charge with all features active.

If you like the sound of the Fossil Hybrid HR you don’t have to wait to get it either, as it’s out from today (November 6) from $195 / £189 (around AU$350). Of course, you might want to wait for our review to see just how good it is.

James Rogerson

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