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New $1,399 per month car subscription hits your wallet where it Hertz

Hertz car rental
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Car rental company Hertz has launched a new service to keep it competitive in a market dominated by ride-sharing, hire-by-the-hour vehicles, e-bikes and electric scooters.

Hertz My Car is its latest attempt to lure drivers away from car ownership, and is targeting the premium end of the market. The service has two tiers: small SUVs, sedans and small trucks are available for $1,000 (about £790, AU$1,400) per month, and larger trucks and SUVs plus luxury sedans for $1,399 (about £1,100, AU$2,000) per month.

If you get bored with your chosen vehicle, you can switch it twice a month for another one within the same tier. Extra swaps are available for $75 (about £60, AU$110) each, for those who like to change their car as often as their shirt.

The extra mile

Those prices are before tax, and will be further increased by a $250 (about £200, AU$360) enrolment fee. Once you're on the open road, your explorations will be limited to 2,000 miles per month, with a fee of $0.35 (about £0.30, AU$0.50) for every additional mile.

If you've got deep pockets, you can sign up now if you live in Austin, Texas or Atlanta, Georgia. Otherwise you'll have to hang onto your pennies until it rolls out more widely.

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