Cuphead, one of the toughest games ever, will soon be playable on Tesla dashboards

Tesla Model X
Image credit: Tesla

One of the defining features of Tesla's cars is their huge dashboard screens, and now the company is adding a new game to those vast displays to keep you occupied while you're hanging around in the parking lot.

According to CEO Elon Musk, the critically acclaimed 2017 indie title Cuphead will soon be joining the cars' existing bank of arcade classics, including Asteroids and Missile Command.

IGN reports that the game will be available for the Tesla Model S, Model 3 and Model X in the next few months, but owners of the new Model Y will sadly miss out for the time being.

It should go without saying that Cuphead isn't intended to be played while you're driving, even with automation, and you'll need a USB controller to enjoy it. The cars' limited storage space means you'll be limited to playing the game's first world: Inkwell Isle One.

Ready driver one

Cuphead was one of the most highly anticipated games on 2017, featuring stunning hand-drawn animations, an original jazz soundtrack, and vintage side-scrolling design. It's also fiendishly difficult, so although Tesla owners will only be able to sample a single world, it should be more than enough to keep them occupied in the parking lot.

The addition of Cuphead leads us to wonder which other titles might find their way into Teslas in the near future. Perhaps a racing sim, played using the car's own controls while it's in park.

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