Never update your iPhone? You could be about to lose WhatsApp

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While it's yet to be confirmed by the company, WhatsApp is reportedly sending out messages to users on iOS 10 and 11, letting them know that support for these is ending in October.

According to WABetaInfo, a message states that after October 24 2022, the app will not receive any more updates on those who are on iOS 10 and 11. This message is most relevant to people using an iPhone 5 and 5C, two older phones which can't update to the newer versions of iOS.

Apps usually get to a point where support for lesser-used devices and software updates is cut off, usually so the developers can focus on more recent updates and products. Indeed, WhatsApp's support center states that it officially supports iOS 12 and above.

While we've reached out to WhatsApp for confirmation, it could ramp up the inevitable in upgrading your iPhone or iOS version that you've been putting off.

How to avoid the inevitable

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If you're on an iPhone 5 or 5C, we'd recommend looking at our list of the best iPhones for an upgrade. You may already find that some features aren't working correctly already in iOS, or other apps have already stopped supporting iOS 11 and lower.

With an iPhone 5S however, this can run up to iOS 12. So while you'll be safe for now, we expect it won't be long until WhatsApp supports iOS 13 as a minimum.

As WWDC, Apple's developer conference is weeks away, we're expecting to hear about what iOS 16 entails for its iPhones, which could prompt WhatsApp and other developers to look into other cutoff points for earlier releases.

However, if WhatsApp is an app you can't live without, it may be time to look into how you can keep using it by the time October rolls around.

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