What you'll get with Intel's new Centrino

Both Centrino ranges have new butterfly-less logos. Nice, eh?

With Intel 's Santa Rosa-codenamed Centrino Pro platform set to hit stores next month, we're taking a look under the hood of the new laptops.

The new sub-brand sits alongside the existing Centrino Duo strand. Indeed, Centrino Pro is meant for business use but it's likely the new range will be integrated into performance models, too. This is largely because the new platform features Intel's draft 802.11n-spec wireless adapter. Both strands will now be based around the 965GM chipset.

The platform will bring even better battery life and connectivity options. A new Flash-memory technology called TurboMemory (previously codenamed Robson) will allow quicker booting of often used applications. As for the Pro part of the name, laptops featuring the new tech will boast Intel's Active Management Technology also seen in its business-orientated vPro desktops. It's designed for businesses to manage and solve problems remotely.

Robson technology may be included in the flash-based MacBooks that Apple is rumoured to be working on, as we reported on 24 April . The most recent predictions reported by Reuters state that Apple will announce a flash-based MacBook in the "second half of 2007".

Both Centrino ranges have new butterfly-less logos that look as if they were designed by a student on placement. If you saw our coverage in January , you'll have got a sniff of what they were going to look like.

The spec for Centrino Pro:

  • Core2 Duo processor with Intel Virtualisation Technology and 800 MHz Front Side Bus
  • Mobile Intel 965GM/PM Express Chipset
  • Active Management Technology (AMT) version 2.5
  • Intel82566MM Gigabit Network Connection
  • Wireless Wi-Fi Link 4965AGN
  • VT/Intel AMT capable BIOS

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