Netflix grabs new and exclusive Pokémon series, launching in June

(Image credit: Netflix)

Want to watch Pokémon on Netflix? The TV streaming service has bagged exclusive streaming rights to a new Pokémon animated series, Pokémon Journeys, which will land on the platform on June 12.

The story looks set to follow a young Ash and his trusty Pikachu (as usual), as well as a new companion known as Goh – which we assume has nothing to do with Pokémon Go, but we’re hoping leads to at least one knowing look at the camera during the first season.

The short trailer shows off the two protagonists, as well as a host of familiar Pokémon faces, such as Lugia, Butterfree, and Rotom – as well as Gigantamax Pokémon as seen in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The series joins a host of other Pokémon series, including Pokémon Sun and Moon: Ultra Legends, Pokémon: The Indigo League, and even a one-minute video of Pokémon wishing you happy birthday (for the kids, or anyone needing some wholesome well-wishing in these isolated times).

Gotta stream 'em all

It’s a notable achievement for Netflix, given it’s the first time a new Pokémon series is airing exclusively on the service. It comes a matter of months after a Netflix-exclusive Pokémon movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution – a retelling of the 1998 movie – came to the service, and shows that Netflix is making headway on its goal to become a home for anime and animated series.

2020 has also seen a host of Studio Ghibli movies come to Netflix worldwide – except in the US, where the soon-to-launch HBO Max is set to to get the Ghibli oeuvre.

Henry St Leger

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