Pokemon Go update: all the news and rumors for what's coming next


Still out to catch them all? Pokemon Go, the world's first augmented reality app to become a household name, is still going strong, with a constant drip of events and updates keeping budding trainers glued to their phones and pounding the streets.

So what's the latest news for Pokemon Go? As you'd expect, brand new features are being added all the time.

Some of these features are ones that developer Niantic spoke about prior to the release of the game, while others have been promised since the game's release.

Without further ado, here's our guide to every new update rumors as well as the tweaks promised by Niantic so far. 

Latest Pokemon Go update

Is this perhaps the most long-awaited update Pokemon Go has ever seen? As of today, you can finally trade in the Pokemon Go app.

Along with the introduction of a Friends system, you'll now be able benefit from having real-world pals, offering each other gifts, or making swaps on unwanted items.

Just making use of the trading system alone bags you free Candy for attracting the pocketable beasties, as well, of course giving you the opportunity to trade for rare and sought-after Pokemon.

However, it seems it's a feature for more hardcore players to begin with – you'll only be able to trade if you're between levels 30 and 40, so you're going to have to put some hours in first before becoming a wheeling-and-dealing Pokemon trader.

Recently, Pokemon Go also began to enter the latest generation with the addition of some Alolan Pokemon. It won't be brand new Alolan Pokemon you'll see, but instead Niantic has announced that players will see the Alolan forms of some Kanto Pokemon. The next Alolan forms to appear in the world will be Diglett and Geodude. 

When's the next Pokemon Go event?

Niantic has announced it's trying some live Pokemon Go events again with Pokemon Go Fest 2018. This year, Dortmund in Germany will host a city-wide Safari Zone from June 30 to July 1 for Europe. In North America, Chicago's Lilcoln Park will once again be the focus from July 14 to 15. Of course it's not always possible to get to these locations so Niantic has promised that players across the world will still have the chance to take part in these live events via a range of challenges and activities.  

Pokémon Go update: what's next?

With trading comes the addition of a friend lists to Pokemon Go, too.

Adding another trainer to your friend list will be as simple as swapping a trainer code with someone, sending them a friend request and waiting for them to accept or reject it. 

With trading launched, you’ll have to be friends with another trainer to trade Pokemon with them. You’ll also both need to be above level 10 and within 100 meters of one another – oh, and you’ll also need to be prepared to pay some Stardust.

You'll find that when you add someone as a friend, you'll have a friendship 'level' which will range from 'good' through 'great' and 'ultra' to 'best'. Friendship levels can be increased by doing things like battling at gyms or in raids together, but building up levels will take weeks or even months of playing together.

The higher your friendship level with another player, the lower the amount of Stardust you’ll need to spend to trade with them.

Higher levels of friendship will also be required to trade shiny or legendary Pokemon and when you do trade these they'll be called ‘Special Trades'. You’ll only be able to perform these once a day.

A final new feature for friends to enjoy will be sending gifts. Gift bundles will sometimes appear when you spin a PokeStop, and you’ll be able to send them on. They’ll usually include the standard in-game items like berries and PokeBalls, but they’ll also sometimes have a new 7km egg, which will be the exclusive home to some forms of Alolan Pokemon. 

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