Age of Empires Mobile first in-game footage revealed, pre-registration open now

Key art for Age of Empires Mobile.
(Image credit: TiMi Studio Group / World's Edge / Xbox Game Studios)

The first in-game footage has been revealed for Age of Empires Mobile, over a year after its initial announcement. 

Age of Empires Mobile is being developed by Tencent Games subsidiary TiMi Studio Group (which also developed mobile games Pokémon Unite and Call of Duty: Mobile) alongside Xbox Game Studios developer World’s Edge. According to a new Dev Diary video, the team is mostly comprised of huge Age of Empires fans, with the vision of making strategy games more accessible to gamers worldwide. You can take a look at the latest trailer below.

While the mobile war strategy game will preserve many classic Age of Empires elements that fans know and love, it will also introduce new controls that have been optimized for mobile play to ensure players get the best possible experience. 

As well as single-player, which will task players with building and expanding their empire single-handedly, along with the option to dive into dungeons and explore the map and its many battles, players will be able to play alongside others in “large-scale epic siege battles.” These fights will pit hundreds of players against each other at the same time for a “dynamic and immersive combat experience.”

Pre-registration is already open on the Age of Empires Mobile website, with rewards being offered to players depending on how many people sign up. At the time of writing, at least 500,000 people have pre-registered, meaning that some resources and items to speed up building, training, and research will be distributed. If three million players sign up, the hero Cleopatra VII will be unlocked. 

Age of Empires Mobile is set to release on the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad, as well as the Google Play Store for Android users.

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