Netflix announces all its summer 2023 movies – here are 4 you shouldn't miss

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It’s a big summer for Netflix movies. The TV streaming service has announced its full slate of summer films, with a huge mix of comedy, thriller, sci-fi and documentaries to cater to different tastes.

There are some very notable sequels, as Netflix cashes in on its highly successful Extraction franchise, as well as a surprising sequel to its hit thriller Bird Box – but there are also plenty of new properties worth keeping an eye on here.

After some blockbusters for those cozy nights in? You'll find the movies coming to Netflix that we think you should pay most attention to just below, followed by everything else that’s just been announced.

They Cloned Tyrone (July 21)

This sci-fi comedy follows John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained) and Teyonah Parris (If Beale Street Could Talk) as they find themselves thrust into a government conspiracy, incredibly out of their depth. 

From the looks of the trailer, it’s shaping up to be a relatively absurd, but enjoyable sci-fi thrill – the stylized outfits alone are worth watching this for, with some beautiful block-color costume choices – with the cast singing into their pistols in the elevator, wearing terrible disguises, and navigating floating petri dishes in a mysterious lab. Probably some clones, too.

Extraction 2 (June 16)

The inevitable sequel to the Russo brother’s hit action film, Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth (Thor) as the improbably-named Tyler Rake, once again on a life-threatening mission – this time to save the imprisoned family of a ruthless gangster. 

2020’s Extraction was a massive action blockbuster, and we expect no less this time around. With the Russo brothers also behind Amazon Prime Video’s hit spy thriller Citadel, it feels like a very good time for big action flicks. Just keep an eye out for the moment Chris Hemsworth is literally set on fire (via Empire).

Bird Box Barcelona (July 14)

Bird Box was a surprise hit when it landed on Netflix back in 2018, starring Sandra Bullock as a desperate survivor in a world where much of the populace has gone mad, trying to keep her children alive. This prequel doesn’t appear to have Bullock in a returning role, rather shifting the action to Barcelona for a whole new cast of post-apocalyptic survivors – just expect lots of blindfolds in this one.

Nimona (June)

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Nimona finally comes to screen. This film adaptation of ND Stevenson’s beloved graphic novel has been a long time coming, having been initially planned for production by 20th Century Fox, then Disney, before being picked up by Annapurna Pictures for release on Netflix.

This animated feature looks set to introduce a massive new audience to Stevenson’s imaginative medieval futurist world – a place where dragons and sword-bearing knights go hand-in-hand with laser guns, shadowy government agencies, and flatscreen TVs. Starring Riz Ahmed (Sound of Metal) as vengeful knight Ballister Blackheart, and Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass) as his shapeshifting companion, there’s plenty of star talent here – even RuPaul, apparently, is voicing a supporting role, as well as Saturday Night Live’s Sarah Squirm.

Netflix summer movies: everything else

The Mother (May 12)
Jennifer Lopez plays an expert assassin, who comes out of hiding to protect her daughter in this action-packed thriller.

Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me (May 16)
This documentary follows the life and death of Anna Nicole Smith, the model, actress and Playboy star who passed at only 40 years old from a drug overdose – and is said to include never-before-seen footage.

Victim/Suspect (May 23)
Another documentary, this time following journalist Rae De Leon on a globetrotting exposé of the ways young women reporting sexual assault are mistreated, and even imprisoned by the authorities meant to help them.

Take Care of Maya (June 19)
A documentary about the heartbreaking story of Maya Kowalski, a nine-year-old girl admitted to hospital for abdominal pain in the state of Florida, arousing suspicion among hospital staff.

The Perfect Find (June 23)
A classic rom-com here, as a high-flying fashion designer starts a secret romance with her boss’ son – but will it blow up in her face?

WHAM! (July 5)
A documentary charting the global success of British pop sensation WHAM!, from the director of Tiger King.

The Out-Laws (July 7)
Adam Devine (Pitch Perfect) and Pierce Brosnan (GoldenEye) star in this comedy thriller, in which Devine’s bank manager becomes convinced he’s marrying into a family of bank robbers.

The Deepest Breath (July 19)
So many documentaries! The Deepest Breath follows a professional freediver, trying to break a world record – and the relationship they form with an expert safety diver as both fo “chasing a dream through the silent depths of the ocean”.

Happiness for Beginners (July 27)
This rom-com follows a cautious divorceé trying to push outside of her comfort zone, and find a way to live and love again.

Heart of Stone (August 11)
Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) stars in this spy thriller as a CIA agent trying to protect the organization’s greatest ‘asset’. There’s little description to go on so far, but expect a big action flick here.

The Monkey King (August 18)
Family-friendly animated film inspired by the mythological Chinese figure, the Monkey King.

You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah (August 25)
A family comedy about two teenage girls caught up in the drama of growing up as both plan their respective Bat Mitzvahs. Effectively a vehicle for Adam Sandler’s entire family (?) who all seem to be in the cast here.

Choose Love (August 31)
This interactive rom-com lets you guide Cami Conway at a key juncture in her life, as she approaches marriage with her loving boyfriend. We expect less intense outcomes than Bandersnatch, but it’s nice to see more interactive drama hit Netflix.

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