Mouse and keyboard players using emulation to dominate PUBG Mobile

Getting to grips with the touchscreen controls of PUBG on mobile isn’t easy and it’s being made more difficult by a group of players who are apparently using a mix of emulation and mouse and keyboard controls to gain unfair advantages in mobile-only matches.

According to Motherboard, there are a number of PUBG Mobile players who are using Chromecasts, Chromebooks or emulators to gain either the advantage of a much larger screen or to access mouse and keyboard support. 

Given the fact that mouse and keyboard players are considered to have a big advantage over gamepad-using console players, mobile players are unlikely to stand a chance with their slower and less accurate controls. In fact, this is a controversy both Fornite and PUBG face on console already.

Mobile mayhem

This isn’t the greatest news for PUBG Mobile after reports emerged that the game is populated by a large number of bots which were apparently used to pad out numbers and fill matches with easy-to-kill players

However, while the bots are reportedly there to help L-plate mobile players warm up to the game, this workaround has the potential to make things far harder for them. It’s not entirely clear what Tencet will be able to do about the problem at the moment but if it’s not solved before it grows, a large potential audience who want to play PUBG Mobile just as it is could be put off.

Emma Boyle

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