Motorola One Zoom leaked: it's a premium-ish phone exclusive to Amazon

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It looks like Motorola is set to release another high-end smartphone – well, high-end in Moto terms, so still a mid-ranger – as details have leaked about the Motorola One Zoom, a device we'd heard scant information about up until now.

This information comes courtesy of tech leaker Roland Quandt, who has a fairly solid track record with phones scoops – it's not clear where he got the information though, and while many are attributing it to a leak from Amazon itself, Quandt's tweet doesn't suggest this.

The confusion may lie with the fact that the Motorola One Zoom seems exclusive to Amazon, like the Moto G7 was, thanks to its integration with Amazon's Alexa.

According to Quandt the handset will work with Amazon's AI assistant like the Echo home speakers, and this means it probably won't be running on Android One, the pared-down Android operating system that previous Motorola One phones ran, as Android One lacks much in the way of extra features and bloat.

In terms of specs, the One Zoom apparently uses the mid-range Snapdragon 675 chipset, with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

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The reason we say the phone is premium, at least by Motorola standards, is that according to the leak (and images alongside the leak) the One Zoom is set to have a whopping four rear cameras.

The main sensor is said to be 48MP with optical image stabilization (OIS), but there's no information on the other cameras yet.

It's probable that one of these is an ultra-wide angle lens, and another is a telephoto for zoomed-in shots, as these seem standard on most phones with at least three cameras. Plus, the 'Zoom' in the name suggests a telephoto lens.

It doesn't seem like the four cameras have identical specs, like the Nokia 9 PureView, as in the images we can see the sensors are different sizes. The bottom-left sensor, which is rather small, could be a depth sensor or macro lens, which are typically used to add appropriate background blur to portrait shots, or take high-quality close-up pictures.

According to Quandt, you'll be paying €399 (about $445, £370, AU$660), which is rather high for a Motorola device, but affordable in the grand scheme of things – and just about the lowest price we've seen for a quad-camera smartphone yet.

For now we don't know that much about the Motorola One Zoom, and what we do know is leaked information (which doesn't always turn out to be true, even from the most established leakers). When there is more to know, though, you'll hear it first from TechRadar.

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