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Motorola One Macro could be the next Moto phone, with a unique new camera

The Motorola One Zoom
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There have been loads of Motorola One smartphones released in 2019 – the One Vision, One Action and One Zoom were all released between May and September – and it looks like another device is joining the rapidly expanding roster.

That's according to a bunch of new leaks and rumors that all surfaced around the same time, pointing to the existence of the Motorola One Macro.

These leaks include certification in Thailand (opens in new tab), a specs leak (opens in new tab), and a geekbench benchmark test leak (opens in new tab), and normally we wouldn't report on tiny info drips like this, but the sheer number all coming at once points to the new device existing.

The headline feature of the Motorola One Macro (literally) is that it will likely come with a macro camera – this would be a snapper with a lens that makes it great for taking pictures that are really close to the subject, staying in focus while showing great detail.

The One Action and One Zoom were both named after their camera specialities, so we'd expect the One Macro to have a macro camera, although the specs leak doesn't mention it.

The benchmark scores don't show stellar results, as the 5,584 multi-core score would be a mid-low result in our books, so it shows this certainly isn't a high-end device.

The other specs mentioned, which were originally thought to point towards the Moto G8, include a 4,000mAh battery, mid-range MediaTek Helio P70 chipset, and 19:9 aspect ratio display (unlike the other Motorola One phones, which were 21:9).

In terms of operating system, the Motorola One phones run on Android One in most of the world, a simplified version of Android 9 Pie without bloatware and unnecessary extras.

We don't know much about the Motorola One Macro other than the specs leak and what we can gather from the name, but we'd expect to hear more in the near future, as One Action and One Zoom information leaks began mere weeks before the devices dropped, so we could see Motorola's newest device very soon.

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