Moon Knight episode 6 ending and post-credits scene explained

Marc Spector prepares to attack Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight episode 6
Here's what Moon Knight episode 6's ending and post-credits scene mean. (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Major spoilers follow for Moon Knight episode 6.

Moon Knight episode 6 has brought the curtain down on the caped vigilante's journey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) – or has it? The Disney Plus show's final entry rounded out the story it set out to tell. But, based on the Marvel Phase 4 project's season finale, there may be more to come from Marc Spector/Steven Grant's MCU arc.

If you've been left perplexed by what just went down in the show's final entry, we've got you covered. Below, we'll break down the biggest surprises in the Disney Plus series' finale, including how Layla obtained her powers, what the show's post-credits scene means, and whether a second season is on the way. There's a lot to get through, so put on your Moon Knight/Mr. Knight costume and prepare to dive in.

It goes without saying, but we're diving into huge spoiler territory for Moon Knight episode 6 from now on. Turn back now if you haven't seen the sixth episode, but make sure you bookmark this page and return once you have done so.

Moon Knight episode 6: Layla's Scarlet Scarab explained

Layla El-Faouly hides from Arthur Harrow's forces in Moon Knight episode 6

Layla gains her own superpowers and Egyptian god in Moon Knight episode 6. (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Not long into Moon Knight episode 6, we follow Layla El-Faouly as she looks to exact revenge on Arthur Harrow for killing Marc/Steven. Concealing her identity and brandishing a knife, she attempts to sneak up on him and kill Harrow before he can unleash Ammit on the world.

Layla, though, is stopped by Taweret – the hippo goddess we saw in episodes 4 and 5 – when the latter possesses one of Harrow's deceased victims. Taweret tries to convince Layla to become her avatar so she can bestow superpowers on Layla to help her fight Harrow.

Layla refuses – well, initially anyway. Later on in the Great Pyramid of Giza, Layla agrees to let Taweret possess her (and become Taweret's avatar in the process) to help Khonshu and Marc/Steven stop Harrow. Harrow tries to bury Layla under a large pile of rubble but, imbued with Taweret's powers, she breaks free of her tomb – and emerges with abilities and a stellar-looking costume: Layla has become the Scarlet Scarab. And we know this is her superhero pseudonym, with an article on confirming as much.

"Wait, who is the Scarlet Scarab?" we hear you say. In the comics, the Scarlet Scarab is the Protector of Egypt and someone whose powers manifest from the Ruby Scarab, an ancient artefact that gifts its wielder god-like powers. The Scarlet Scarab's abilities include superhuman strength, the ability to fly at around 400 miles per hour (mph), and to fire concussive blasts of mystical energy.

The MCU's version's of the Scarlet Scarab differs slightly from its comic book counterpart. In Moon Knight, Layla possesses superhuman strength and durability, but she also wields twin swords and can use her costume's in-built metallic wings to attack her foes and deflect enemy fire. She doesn't require the Ruby Scarab to obtain these powers either as Taweret gifts them to Layla in the show. Taweret doesn't have a major role to play in the comics, so Marvel Studios has clearly repurposed the Ruby Scarab and Taweret to give the duo more prominent arcs in the live-action series.

Interestingly, the comic book version of Layla's father – who goes by the name Abdul Faoul – is the original Scarlet Scarab. The signs that Layla would eventually gain her own superpowers, then, were there all along. And, given that a girl (who Layla rescues in episode 6) asks Layla if she's an Egyptian superhero, it appears that the Protector of Egypt alias is alive and well in the MCU, too. Here's hoping we see her in action as Scarlet Scarab again.

Moon Knight episode 6 post-credits scene explained: Jake Lockley finally revealed

Moon Knight stares at the camera as he prepares to do battle in Moon Knight episode 6

Marc and Steven's third persona finally revealed himself in Moon Knight's season 1 finale. (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Layla's Scarlet Scarab isn't the only new character (or should that be alter-ego?) to emerge in Moon Knight episode 6. After teasing his arrival for much of the show, Marvel finally unveiled its live-action depiction of Jake Lockley, Marc and Steven's other persona.

The sixth episode's post-credits scene shows Arthur Harrow in a similar psychiatric hospital to the one that Marc/Steven were trapped in. This asylum, though, is actually real. We know this because we see a mysterious figure turn up and wheel Harrow (in his wheelchair) out of the hospital and into a limousine in the real world.

Here, Harrow meets a rather dapper looking Khonshu. Harrow mocks Khonshu for not killing him earlier, but Khonshu has the last laugh. "Marc Spector truly believed that after he and I parted ways, I wanted his wife to be my avatar," Khonshu says. "Why would I ever need anybody else, when he has no idea how troubled he truly is?"

The limousine's blacked out divider winds down as Khonshu finishes speaking, and who is it that we see? Jake Lockley, the third (and more brutal) alter to Marc and Steven. Jake, who is Hispanic (rather than a New Yorker as he is in the comics) in the show, tells Harrow: "Today is your turn to lose" and shoots him four times with a silenced pistol. Jake starts the limousine and drives away with Khonshu (and Harrow's dead body) inside.

Interestingly, the limousine's registration plate reads "SKPTR" – i.e. a clear call back to Marc's surname. Meanwhile, the limousine is a nod to Steven's comic book version. In Marvel's source material, Steven is a millionaire who masquerades as Mr. Knight, with this superpowered alter-ego using a modified limousine to travel around in.

Like the alterations made for Layla/Scarlet Scarab, then, it seems Marvel Studios has remodeled Jake's backstory, personality and means of transportation for the MCU. It remains to be seen whether Jake will have a suit – that is, if Moon Knight returns for a second season on Disney Plus or in a Marvel movie

There are a number of Moon Knight costumes in the comics, such as his West Coast Avengers or all-black Ultimate attire, which could be used to separate Jake from Moon Knight/Mr Knight. We'll have to wait and see on that front. And speaking of Moon Knight's future...

Moon Knight episode 6 ending explained: will there be a second season?

Taweret talks to Marc Spector in the afterlife in Moon Knight episode 6

Will we see Taweret in the MCU again? (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

That's unclear right now. Unlike Loki's season 1 finale, which confirmed the trickster god was getting a second season of his Disney Plus series in a post-credits stinger, Moon Knight doesn't. Clearly, Marvel is keeping its options open on this front.

Moon Knight simultaneously tells a self-contained story and leaves enough room for Oscar Isaac to return to the MCU if he (and the show's creative team) feel that there's a fulfilling new story to tell. While some of his fellow MCU actors are tied down for multiple Marvel projects, Isaac isn't – he only signed a one-season deal (per Variety) ahead of starring in the MCU TV series. So there's no guarantee that Isaac will reprise his role (or should that be roles?) down the line.

Marvel has seemingly implied that Moon Knight will return but, with episode 6 ending without a "Moon Knight will return" tagline, the character's fate in the MCU is up in the air for the time being.

We'd certainly like to see Moon Knight season 2. We really want to see how Marc, Steven, and Jake would co-operate/argue if they crossed paths and, as Moon Knight's TV show has shown, Marvel can tell standalone tales (with little to no interconnectivity) in the MCU. So Marvel wouldn't need to tie Moon Knight to any of its other projects if the studio wanted to bring Isaac and company back for another outing, which is something we'd like to see from future MCU projects. Fingers crossed, then, that we find out sometime soon.

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