Marvel drops big hint over Moon Knight's future in the MCU

Khonshu gifts Marc his Moon Knight powers in episode 5 of the Disney Plus show
Moon Knight's MCU journey may not end with its sixth episode on Disney Plus. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Marvel have seemingly dropped a major hint over Moon Knight's future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The final episode of the superhero's Disney Plus show will land on the streamer very soon, and it had appeared that this would be the final instalment in Moon Knight's MCU journey. Well, on the small screen at least.

Marvel, though, has apparently teased the possibility of the character getting a second season. As noted by Reddit user MarvelsGrantMan136, the studio's official Twitter account hinted at such a prospect in two quick-fire tweets – one of which contains the words "season finale": 

A screenshot of two Marvel Studios tweets suggesting Moon Knight could get a second season on Disney Plus

Has Marvel dropped a major hint over Moon Knight's MCU future? (Image credit: Twitter/Marvel Studios)

As you can see in the above screenshot, Marvel Studios originally suggested that Moon Knight episode 6 would be the final entry in the Marvel Phase 4 TV series. Less than 15 minutes later, however, and the initial tweet was replaced with a post claiming that episode 6 would conclude the show's first season.

Understandably, the altered tweet quickly gained traction on social media, with many MCU fans expressing excitement over the prospect of Oscar Isaac reprising his role as Marc Spector/Steven Grant/Moon Knight in the future. Those hopes have grown further, too, with the trailer for the show's final instalment also carrying the tagline "season finale":

It won't be long (hopefully, anyway) before we find out if Moon Knight season 2 has already been greenlit by Marvel Studios. The series' final episode lands on Wednesday, May 4 – read our release time article for more details – so we may learn more about the character's MCU future then.

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Analysis: nothing to see here, folks?

Marc Spector fights against his handlers in Moon Knight episode 5

Calm down, Marc, I'm sure this is just a simple understanding. (Image credit: Marvel Studios)

While we'd be delighted to see Moon Knight get a second outing on Disney Plus – or, whisper it quietly, appear in the Marvel movie – the revised tweet doesn't provide any indication that he'll actually get another run out in the MCU.

Yes, "season finale" and "series finale" are contextually poles apart from one another. One denotes the end of a show's latest run on TV, while the other signifies the last ever entry in a show's shelf life.

Despite these differences, though, "season" and "series" are still viewed (and used) as interchangeable terms on occasion by viewers, the media, and even social media employees. The fact that the UK and US use each term differently, too, and the waters are muddied further over what the terms "season" and "series" actually indicate.

It's possible that Marvel's social media team simply made a mistake by using the incorrect term in the initial tweet before realizing their error and fixing it accordingly. 

But that doesn't mean a social media team can breathe a sign of relief. Rectifying the problem only compounds the issue, with some fans potentially seeing the course correction as an admission of guilt over relaying incorrect information in the first place. Meanwhile, not fixing the "series finale" error will lead fans to believe that this is a TV show's final entry – only for some to grumble (over being misled) when it turns out that a second season is on the way. Either way, employees of branded social media accounts are on a hiding to nothing if they use the wrong terminology.

So is Moon Knight in line to get a second season? Who knows. Oscar Isaac wasn't forthcoming in a recent New York Times interview, saying: “If it goes somewhere else, that’s great. I’m glad it’s not just an advertisement for synergy.” As much as we can speculate on Marvel's tweets, too, they provide no clarity over the possibility of Moon Knight season 2.

In our view, we'd be surprised if Isaac doesn't return as the caped vigilante in the future. Whether that's in another standalone Disney Plus adventure, as a supporting character in another project – Werewolf by Night, anyone? – or an MCU superhero flick (we'll take a live-action Midnight Sons film, Marvel), Moon Knight is too interesting a character for Marvel and Isaac to walk away from. 

Fingers crossed, then, that we get some sort of reveal over his MCU future at the end (or during a post-credits scene) of Moon Knight episode 6.

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