iPad 3 LTE tipped as Apple Stores get 4G installed

iPad 3 LTE tipped as Apple Stores get 4G installed
iPad 3 - the time is nigh

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Apple's iPad 3 launch event is just two hours away but there's still time for a few last minute rumours – there's always time for a few last minute rumours.

Whatever the slate ends up being named, be it iPad 3 or iPad HD, it looks as though we'll be seeing 4G/LTE connectivity on board.

And why are we so sure, you ask? Why, because Verizon has been spotted installing LTE equipment at Apple stores in the US over the past few days, according to CultofMac.


Like Siri before it, a 4G iPad won't be much use to our UK readers – we don't have much in the way of LTE to speak of at the moment, although that could change within the year.

Should it materialise this evening, it's likely that Apple simply won't bother releasing the 4G model of the iPad 3 in the UK, leaving us with only the other improvements to play with.

These are rumoured to include a faster processor, Retina Display and potentially even an e-Sense textured touchscreen.

All will be revealed in T-minus one two hours and counting – we'll be liveblogging the Apple announcement from 6pm UK time, keeping you posted on all the latest iPad 3 news and twittering our little hearts out over on the TechRadar Twitter account.

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